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How it Works | Logo Design Process

Please carefully read the logo design process and ordering information. This is vital in expediting the design process and producing the logo as you requested. At, your satisfaction is our goal. Below are the steps of our design and logo design process that you will go through during the development of your new logo.

  1. Select a logo design package that suites you the best and follow the online process. Get started now.
  2. Fill out the creative brief form that ensures we understand your business and your vision.
  3. Design research by logo design team
  4. View logo design concepts online in 3 to 5 business days depending on the package you selected and leave your feedback.
  5. View revisions in 3 business days or less after you choose a logo concept in step 4
  6. Confirm your final logo. You will receive all final logo files via download or email.

Step 1 – Select Your Logo Design Package

Basic Package - Logo DesignPakej Standard - Logo DesignPakej Maju - Logo Design

Go to our packages and select the right package for you. We have 3 different packages for you to choose from. It varries depending on the number of concepts and designers involve in the design process. Select a package that includes stationery designs because normally you will need them. Provide billing information and select payment mentod. You may contact us by phone call, email or internet chat if you have questions about your project or having any difficulties. Get started now.

Phone: 605-5272-485



Step 2 - Complete The Creative Brief Form

Filling out the creative brief form correctly is a very important part in the overall designing process. The details pertaining to your company and other instructions are important tools in the logo design process. We will use the information that you provided to develop your personalized logo. Each logo is an original creation designed to your specifications.

A complete creative brief will help us understand you, your needs, your business, and your logo preferences. Designs begin with a problem and our experienced designers know what to look for to make sure we develop a logo that meets your requirements and  business purposes. If you have any questions about the creative brief you may contact us for assistance. Please make sure you fill out the creative brief form and send it to us via email as soon as possible. We will only assign designer or designers to begin working on your logo project once we receive the brief.

Step 3 - Logo Design Research & Ideas

Upon receipt of the creative brief form and payment, we will carry out research and analysis pertaining to your industry. We will contact you if further information is required. Your ideas are most welcome and we will try our best to incorporate them  into the logo. If you want us to develop your own ideas, please send it (sketches/references) to us. It is very important for us to further understand your needs. We will work hand in hand with you in order to produce the logo that will satisfy your needs.

Step 4 - View Original Logo Concepts and Leave Feedback

Your logo designer will design initial logos based on what the creative brief form tells him or her what you want to achieve with your logo. The original initial designs will be published on a private web page and will be available for viewing in 3 to 5 business days. Sometimes designers will provide free extra logo concepts, more than what you originally ordered.

You choose the version of the logo you like best and you will be asked to make comments or suggestions relative to your logo concepts. These comments will help the designer during revision process to create just the look that you want. Tell your designer what you like and dislike. If you are not ready to choose (normally because all the designs are good!), you may ask your designer, friends or business partner for opinion, suggestion or recommendation. The initial designs are logo concepts only; once you choose a logo you'll be able to guide the revisions to get the logo exactly how you want to see it.

Step 5 - View and Comment on Logo Revisions

At this stage you are already choosen an initial logo concept. Leave your feedback and instruct your designer what changes you want to make to your choosen logo. Please be specific on your feeback to help your designer refine and convey your vision for your logo. Revisions of your selected logo will be presented in 3 business days or less after you leave your feedback. Normally you will be reminded by email to check your private web page once the revised design is ready.

If you have any questions or are having trouble putting your thoughts into words, you are welcome to contact your logo manager or designer for assistance. We are always here to help to make sure you will get your perfect logo.

Step 6 – Confirm Your Logo and Receive Final Files

Once you finalize your new logo, we will prepare all final files in various formats and email them to you immediately. Optionally we will zip the files and place it on the web for you to download.  The files will be ready within two or three business days after you confirm the final version of you logo. We prepare your logo in several formats to give you flexibility with where you want to use your logo, since different printers and different design jobs require different file formats. This ensures that your logo will look great in any application including collateral items, faxes, websites, Microsoft Office, email signatures, signage, vehicle graphics, promotional items and digital presentation.

File formats: ai, eps, jpg, png, pdf

Undecided? Questions? Need a Price Quote? can satisfy all your design needs, including custom web design, brochure, advertising design, prints and more. If you would like to discuss any of your design needs with one of our design consultants, just call us at:

Phone: 605-5272-485

We are happy to offer you a free no obligation consultation to discuss your design project. Please tell us how we can help you and if you would like to be contacted by email or telephone. (Telephone consultation in Malaysia only).

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